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EMDR Equipment

Advanced LapScan 4000

The EyeScan Deluxe Advanced LapScan 4000

Advanced LapScan 4000

The Advanced LapScan™ 4000 is the newest innovation from NeuroTek Corporation, the manufacturer of the EyeScan™ 2000 EMDR Instrument. The Advanced LapScan™ 4000 incorporates features which offer the clinician the greatest range of options for EMDR administration. Visual, tactil and advanced auditory stimulation modes are available making the Advanced LapScan™ 4000 the most versatile EMDR instrument available.

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Choice of Eye-Movement Patterns

Eye-movement is stimulated from a choice of 4 different visual moving light patterns: Horizontal line, Diagonal Line (upper left to lower right), Circular Pattern and Infinity (Figure 8) Pattern. Additionally, the LapScan may be held vertically to achieve an up and down eye movement pattern. All modes provide a smooth moving light pattern for easy eye tracking. Additionally, this new LapScan’s viewing screen is 26% wider than the LapScan 2000 for increased eye movement distance.

Choice of Auditory Stimulation Modes

Choose between four different internally generated sounds: alternating tones, click, double click, and an arcade sound, or connect the Advanced LapScan 4000 to your iPod, MP3, CD or tape player and choose your favorite music or inspirational selections, alternated smoothly from side to side at any speed and synchronized with the visual and tactile stimulation. Many clinicians report that using soothing music works great for stress management, pain management and getting to the safe place. The included headphones have a 6ft. cord.
Integrated tactile stimulation included

The Advanced LapScan 4000 comes with alternating tactile included. The strength of the tactile pulsers are adjustable with 15 levels of intensity from totally off to maximum vibration. The hand-held pulsers are color coded to easily identify between left (gray) and right (black) sides. The tactile pulsers have a 6ft. cord and plug directly into the front of the LapScan for added convenience.

The EyeScan Deluxe

•  Our newest EyeScan model
•  Select Blue, Green or Red lights from your remote control
•  Easily adjust light brightness setting from remote control
•  Connects to any music source for instant bi-lateral music
•  Standard pulsers included or Mega Pulser option available
•  Revolving color mode – rotates through all colors for unique visual experience

The EyeScan 4000 Blue lights

•  Blue lights for soothing eye-movement viewing
•  Easily adjust light brightness setting from remote control
•  Standard pulsers included or Mega Pulser option available
•  Factory installed music option available
•  With music option installed connects to any music source for instant bi-lateral music

Improved EMDR administration

EyeScan™ Technology was developed to aid the clinician in the administration of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). With hands-free administration of EMDR, the clinician is better able to closely observe the client’s behavior and take notes.

Information on Advanced LapScan™ 4000

Advanced LapScan™ 4000

Previously administered by a repetitive hand technique, EMDR can now be performed with the aid of the EyeScan™ 2000S, EyeScan™ 4000, or the NEW EyeScan Deluxe eliminating clinician fatigue and improving the therapeutic process. Through extensive field testing by EMDR clinicians, these products have proven to be valuable and effective tools in the administration of EMDR.

Easy to control
The 24 scanning lights on these EyeScans™ can be controlled via the cordless hand held controller. The scan rate is easily adjusted and the clinician can select the alternating end lights only mode with a simple switch selection. The tripod allows easy positioning and client comfort. For diagonal eye movements, simply tilt the light bar to any desired angle.

Visual and audio stimulus
All EyeScan models come with both visual and auditory stimulation modes. For auditory stimulation simply plug the walkman style headphones into the EyeScan light bar. Your client hears a gentle tone in each ear as the light on each end illuminates. Further, incorporating multiple senses may enhance the EMDR process. The audio stimulus makes these EyeScan models excellent for clients with vision impairment or who have trouble with eye movements. Additionally, all EyeScan™ models can now operate from an internal 9 volt battery (not included) or you can plug it in with the included AC adapter.

A tactile stimulus now available.
The EyeScan™ 4000 and the New EyeScan Deluxe also incorporates built-in tactile stimulation. Simply plug the pulsers into the light-bar for synchronized tactile, auditory and visual stimulus or choose any combination of the three to suit each individual client’s needs.
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