Emdr Treatment

Emdr Treatment – Who Benefits? You might want to ask yourself, who are the beneficiary of this newly invented reprocessing treatment?  Veterans who are having a hard time letting the past go,  adults who need support with ongoing life challenges, upbringing and adulthood molestation occurrence and or disturbance trapped in that part of the memory, those who are experiencing wedged feelings and want to find more fulfillment in their good being.


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This kind of predicament is no respecter of any age, gender, and or fold.   Emdr Treatment is for anyone who is experiencing overwhelming feelings from the past or current trauma and finds that they are struggling to feel present and healthy in their current life.  Issues may contain: resolving shock, female burden, life transitions and expectations, individual development problem solving, dropping fretfulness and hopelessness.  Adults who need support with ongoing life challenges or who are experiencing stuck feelings and want to find more satisfaction in their lives are not left out of this treatment.  Any person who is experiencing devastating thoughts from the past or current trauma and finds that they are besieged to feel present and fit in their current life.  Issues may include: resolving trauma, women’s issues, life transitions, personal growth problem solving, reducing anxiety and depression.

Emdr Treatment

There are several free opportunities to Emdr Treatment.  The patient or client must have the following sign and symptoms before the process could be considered.  These include but not limited to:

  • Frenzied alertness – sensitivity, constantly vigilant
  • Problem focusing on things
  • Random and racing thoughts
  • Sleep issues – trouble falling or staying asleep
  • Excessive reaction to noises or other ecological cues that weren’t initially an issue to you.
  • Bad temper, anger, constantly experiencing angry outbursts
  • Nightmares
  • Repeated and intrusive thoughts about the distressing event

I hope this information about Emdr treatment was useful.  Feel free to leave feedback as this would help me shape up my facts ..if any was ever missing 🙂


Onaolapo Adeyemi

Army Veteran