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VA – Education and Training of Veterans

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education_for_emdr_ptsd_survivorsAfter going through the emdr-PTSD treatment, Veteran Affairs can, and will help you cover the cost of furthering your education and skills through benefit programs.  They may pay your tuition, housing, training, and other costs if you qualify.  The terms and condition for the qualification of your benefits can be found at the official VA benefits Web site.

How to Apply For Educational Benefits

To apply for education and training benefits, simply follow the three-step process below:

Step 1Collect and prepare the necessary paperwork listed below:

  • Copies of your discharge or separation papers (the DD-214 or equivalent)
  • Documentation of an enlistment incentive or College Fund—sometimes called a “kicker”—although this isn’t required to apply for the GI Bill

You can use this benefit tool to help you with the paperwork.

Step 2:  Select a school, or your desired school using the education and training comparator tool.

Step 3:  Apply through education and benefits Web site .


Education and Training Of Veterans Eligibility

VA’s education and training benefits are provided through Post-9/11 GI Bill, Montgomery GI Bill, Survivors’ and Dependents’ Assistance.  You may be eligible for one-on-one support, counseling, and training to boost your skills and build your career through the Veteran Affair’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program, available to transitioning Service members and Veterans. Family members caring for a service-disabled Veteran may also be eligible for career assistance, job training, and other services. 

Education, Training, and Veterans Nutrition

Getting proper nutrition is one of the best ways to get in good health and stay that way before and after you decide to go back to school, or any type of training.  However, many people do not know what proper nutrition is.  In the following article, you are going to be provided with brief advice that will get you on the road to good health via proper nutrition.

Eat your vegetables and your children will too.  Children like to be like mom and dad which means that eating vegetables with meals, and more importantly as snacks, sets a standard with your children.  The most important part of most foods you buy in the grocery store is the label on the back.  Take the time to read the nutritional values on the packages before you buy, as this helps to ensure that you are making the right choice for yourself and the ones you love.  Try adding more plants to your daily diet.  These are versatile enough to go anywhere from a salad to a soup to a stew to even a smoothie. Try eating green things like lettuce, spinach, broccoli, asparagus and more to get a vast array of nutrients.  Also, add things like fruits and nuts for a huge boost to prevent cancer.

Make sure you and your kids are not learning their health education and facts about food from food ads on television or otherwise.  Make sure that you get what you need with a healthy diet rich in produce and lean meats and dairies.  Nutrition can make the difference between you having good or bad health before your continued education or training.  If you use the advice that this article has provided, you will be able to begin the path to proper nutrition and be in the greatest health shape you have ever been in!  Good luck with your dreams.

For more information on veteran education and training, visit http://www.va.gov/explore/educational-services.asp#




Inner Ear Infection and Trauma Associated Symptoms

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Inner ear infection and trauma associated symptoms is also known as labyrinthitis. Middle_Ear_InfectionThe name is derived from the area of the ear that was infected called the inner labyrinth. It is more often caused by viruses that infect the inner ear. Sometimes it is caused by viral infections like flu and colds. Initial diagnosis of the disease will include symptoms like extreme dizziness or vertigo, nausea, vomiting, and tinnitus or noise in the inner ear. There is sometimes a strong noise that you will think it is not coming from your ears. Extreme cases of inner ear infection may cause a loss of hearing.

An inner ear infection may last for a couple of weeks, sometimes up to eight weeks. After that time, the infection will disappear as if nothing happened. But to some people, infections stay on for years. Getting professional help is important when you feel symptoms of the disease. Insist more on your doctor if you are having vertigo symptom.

A recurrent inner ear infection may also be caused by excessive fluid builds up in the inner ear. It is most common among elderly people.

Here are some tips to help prevent inner ear infection or to lessen the severity. When lying, try to lie on your side on a flat comfortable manner. Avoid too much salt and sugar in your food. Chocolate, coffee, and alcohol intake should be avoided. For smokers, you have to stop smoking. Always stay in a low noise and stress-free environment. Being stressed out can aggravate the infection of the inner ear.

It is important that when you feel symptoms of the inner ear infection, you seek professional help. The doctor can tell you what to do to minimize the discomfort. He will also help you treat the illness at an early stage to prevent possible complications.

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