Emdr Side Effects

EMDR side effects – As with anything and everything in life, there is always a side effect, but in the case of this particular therapy, their is not much to talk about:

  1. It has been noted that patients that underwent the treatment hd distressing and unresolved memories which may emerge occasionally.
  2. Some unexpected results may occur during or after therapy that was not part of the plan, reactions like having a high level of sensitivity or emotions or some physical sensations.
  3. Subsequent to the treatment session, the processing of incidents/material may continue, and other dreams, memories feelings, etc., may emerge.
See emdr side effects and faq for more information

After speaking with one of the EMDR therapist at work, I was told that the stages involve in the process include taking the patient to his/her happy place before embarking on the treatment.  It’s also been noted that some patients could not be treated with this reprocessing technique, which so far has a low percentage rate.  That would not surprise me as I know every form of medication in life has it’s pros and cons, which in turn are the side effects.  The journey to resolve ptsd and/or abusive memory is just beginning.

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