Temperament, Trauma and Anger

Anger, temperament, and trauma – Psychology is interesting science, and with the help of psychology, we can research the hidden corners of our souls.

This fact may be thrilling and even make you discover something new concerning your personality and traits of your character. You can make many tests and figure out what your reaction would be to a particular event, how you will act in extreme scenarios and many more.

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The word temperament was first coined by a well-known Russian scientist, I.P. Pavlov. He made a theory of attitude after doing several types of research on the topic, and experiments prove his theory. In his personal experience, essay, and notes he provides an in-depth description of a person’s reaction to the same event. You sit peacefully on a bench in the park and read the newspaper.

You bought a brand new car today, but the day is hot, so you put it nearby on the bench and continue to read. You see an old lady approaching. She takes a free seat near you and says nothing, opens a book and reads. All of a sudden, it dawns on you that she’s sitting on your new cap. What will be your reaction? If you laugh and make jokes to calm the poor granny down, you’re a sanguine. If you start to yell and your face turns red of the strain, and you do not care about the granny who’s probably going to have a heart attack, you’re choleric. If you burst into tears and allow the granny to comfort you, you’re melancholic; and in the event, you ignore everything such as grannies sitting on your cap and the start of the rain you’re a typical phlegmatic.

These for types can be described by anybody who makes observations in an experienced essay when you have enough patience to observe your reactions to different situations long enough.  Temperament is not the only field to research to find out new things about you. You might also try to prove Freud’s theory, who says that intellect is wholly subjected to the passionate nature of a human being and his/her needs. You might see for yourself if you can find “collective unknown” and “individual unknown” which might also be very fascinating.

Lastly, there are lots of IQ tests that make you understand better by which direction to work to make your mental abilities better. You cannot just experiment with yourself but have a friend who’s willing to find out something new about his nature. Psychology is still a developing science, and to ensure that it can be a motivator to try your skills in this field professionally. Who knows, perhaps you’re a born psychologist?

How Do You Use Your Ability to Communicate?

Psychology can be helpful in many ways. We have seen the power of psychology through several legal cases when alleged criminals are charged and or convicted of a crime they thought nobody could solve.

Some desperate people use the power of psychology to get the kind of woman they so desire. Most people today apply the force of psychology to market goods and services. I’ll lay more interest in the case of female attraction.

The Action
If you have been wondering why you can’t seem to attract any girls, then read carefully, because this article is going to teach you how to get a girlfriend quick and easy! You see, some men have dedicated their lives to studying attraction and female psychology, and they found answers that any person can learn and use, turning from being no good with ladies to a master seducer.

To realize how to get a girlfriend, you have to understand that it is much simpler to create a connection with her whenever you interact with her on an emotional level, it is said that the most erogenous zone in girls may be the brain, and once you apply what I tell you, you will discover that it’s correct. Very often women structure their decisions on the way they feel, differently from males that tend to apply logic more.

When you can master how to utilize this to your advantage, then you’ll be able to get a partner quickly. You need to target your attempts on getting her sentimentally stimulated: never be dull or leader, do not be scared to have your say or have strong reactions; ladies regularly test men in this regard, and if you do not react in a manner that displays sentiment, you fail the test.

Probably the most vital ability that you must master is the best way to attract a girl: to do that, you need to awaken the real feelings that may eventually lead to the attraction on her part: from then on, it is incredibly straightforward to transform that fascination into a romance!

But how should I do that, you ask? Well, I have fantastic news! You see, as I pointed out there are men who spent numerous hours experimenting and learning on the best way to do this, so the majority of the tough work has already been done! You only need to learn what they found, and then put it into action. You can find many sorts of ladies, and each requires subtle distinct techniques to get her mentally aroused.

This article did a great job explaining how to use these result of female psychology.

This practice is part 1 of the many ways you can harness the power of psychology to get anything you want. Check on my blog next week to read the part 2 of the power of psychology.


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